Политическа икономика

Политическата икономия е изучаване на производството и търговията и техните отношения със закона, обичаите и правителството; и с разпределението на националния доход и богатство. Като дисциплина политическата икономия възниква в моралната философия през 18-ти век, за да изследва управлението на богатството на държавите, като „политически“ означава гръцката дума „политика“, а „икономика“ означава гръцката дума οἰκονομία (управление на домакинството). Най-ранните трудове по политическа икономия обикновено се приписват на британските учени Адам Смит, Томас Малтус и Дейвид Рикардо, въпреки че са предшествани от работата на френските физиократи, като Франсоа Кене (1694–1774) и Ан-Робер-Жак Тюрго (1727–1781). Има и традиция, която е почти толкова дълга, на критика на политическата икономия.

В края на 19 век терминът “икономика” постепенно започва да замества термина “политическа икономия” с възхода на математическото моделиране, съвпадащ с публикуването на влиятелен учебник от Алфред Маршал през 1890 г. По-рано Уилям Стенли Джевънс, привърженик на математическите методи, приложени към предмета, застъпиха икономиката за краткост и с надеждата терминът да стане „признато име на наука“. Показателите за измерване на цитати от Google Ngram Viewer показват, че използването на термина “икономика” започва да засенчва “политическата икономия” около 1910 г., превръщайки се в предпочитания термин за дисциплината през 1920 г. Днес терминът “икономика” обикновено се отнася до тясното изследване на икономиката липсват други политически и социални съображения, докато терминът “политическа икономия” представлява отделен и конкурентен подход.

На обикновен език „политическата икономия“ може просто да се отнася до съветите, дадени от икономисти на правителството или обществеността относно общата икономическа политика или относно конкретни икономически предложения, разработени от политолози.[6] Бързо разрастващата се мейнстрийм литература от 70-те години на миналия век се разшири отвъд модела на икономическа политика, в който планиращите максимизират полезността на представителен индивид, за да изследват как политическите сили влияят на избора на икономически политики, особено що се отнася до разпределителните конфликти и политическите институции.

Предлага се като самостоятелна област на обучение или се предлага по икономика или политически науки в някои институции, включително Харвардския университет, Принстънския университет, Лондонското училище по икономика, Станфордския университет, Чикагския университет и др.

Netflix France ends free 30 day trial membership period January 2022

Netflix has no longer the 30 days trial of free use. Multinational companies no longer offer this trial period to start a discovery services before the final payment January 2022.


For Netflix, this is a page turned as competition intensifies. Indeed, it is no longer possible to discover the platform with a Netflix 30-day free trial. This means that you now have to pay when you sign up to watch much of what Netflix offers.

Keep in mind that there are three subscription options: the basic version is € 7.99 (one screen, HD quality), the standard version is € 11.99 (two screens, Full HD quality), and the premium version is € 15.99 (four screens) screen, 4K HDR quality). Please note that this is the most expensive code option and it is selected by default when registering. If you want to pay less, don’t be fooled.

More free periods for NETFLIX

Disney + is scheduled to land in France on March 24th. The price is very attractive (6.99 Euros per month or 69.99 Euros per year), and the trial period is 3 months. 7 days it actually symbolizes the development of Netflix strategy, and this development cannot be completely free. So everything shows that multinational companies will from time to time highlight their services by making content accessible to everyone.

Recently, we saw this development when Netflix France decided to play movies for free to all the boys I love. In a sense, this move makes sense, and as a result, the sequel-To all boys: PS I always love you. To view it, you must subscribe. At the end of last year, we still remember that the animated movie “Klaus” has been released for 48 hours.

Among Netflix’s main competitors, we noticed:

  • Amazon Prime Video has a 30-day trial period
  • Apple TV + has a 7-day trial period (or even one year for users buying the latest Apple products)
  • OCS (Orange Cinema Series) offers a one-month free trial.

Vienna museums launch OnlyFans account to display ‘explicit’ artworks

Vienna is adopting an unconventional approach to art regulation, using the adults-only web portal OnlyFans to showcase its most “explicit” artworks.

The Austrian capital’s tourist authority is now exhibiting art from four of the city’s most renowned institutions on the adults-only platform in reaction to social media platforms’ banning of certain creative material including nudity.

Several Austrian museums, notably the Albertina and the Leopold, have lately encountered difficulties while uploading artwork on social media accounts, resulting in the banning of certain works of art that include nudity.

In July, the Albertina Museum’s TikTok account was banned – and subsequently deleted – for showing works by Nobuyoshi Araki, a Japanese artist and photographer, that included a partly covered breast.

Instagram said in 2019 that a painting by renowned Flemish artist Peter Paul Rubens breached the platform’s community standards. Earlier this year, when the Leopold Museum celebrated its twentieth anniversary, a video posted on Facebook and Instagram featuring Koloman Moser’s work was rejected by the sites due to it being identified as “possibly sexual.”

Now, these works and more of Vienna’s “18+ material” are available in their entirety, uncensored, on OnlyFans – a subscription-based website best known for sharing and watching pornographic video.

According to the capital’s tourism board, Vienna is home to “some of the world’s most renowned artists […] whose works pushed the boundaries of what was considered acceptable in art and society at the time […] so it’s unsurprising that some of their artworks ran afoul of the censors more than a century ago.”

And the fight against censorship continues: with the development of social media, such restrictions have made a comeback. Nudity and ‘lewd’ material are firmly in the crosshairs of major social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.”

Additionally, the tourist board claimed that “Vienna and its art institutions are victims of this new wave of conservatism,” which is why they chose to include “the capital’s world-famous ‘explicit’ artworks on OnlyFans.”

Vienna’s tourist authority also alluded to the platform’s unfiltered nature, stating that it “shook up social media by allowing producers to openly distribute nudist and pornographic material with users.”
Subscribers will get either a free Vienna city card or a complimentary admission ticket to one of the highlighted institutions, where the city’s tourist office has said that “uncensored pieces of art in issue may be seen in person.”

OnlyFans itself ran into censoring problems in August when it implemented a restriction on “sexually explicit material” – a move that sparked such outrage that it was overturned only days later.


While millions of professionals have adapted to working from home via technology, some do not have that option, since their employment are at risk owing to the COVID-19 epidemic.

With no end in sight, making the most of your circumstances and using your skills while in quarantine may enable you to establish an income stream and convert a side hustle into a profession.


Businesses and people are starting to feel the squeeze as the coronavirus spreads to the four corners of the world. Airlines have actually fallen from the sky, pubs and restaurants have been forced to shut in a number of nations, and actors, barbers, beauty therapists, and personal trainers are just a few of the businesses suffering the most. Entering these new uncertain times is difficult for anybody, but if your income is derived from meeting new people or working in the city, you would be taking needless risks by leaving the home and continuing your operations – and chances are, you would have no clients anyhow. With an increasing number of citizens finding themselves jobless, a record 10 million people have applied for unemployment benefits in the United States, and the situation is similar in other markets such as the United Kingdom, where governments are stepping in to allow businesses to furlough employees in order to avoid job losses.

Apart from the obvious humanitarian difficulties that lie, maybe the most challenging aspect of the COVID-19 situation is the enormous ambiguity. However, rather of waiting for the storm to pass and the world to return to normal, you may adapt to your new circumstances and make the most of a terrible situation. Each of us has unique talents and abilities that may be used by others, and with so many people now at home with an abundance of free time, there are many chances to put on your entrepreneurial hat and earn some money. With the appropriate tools and resources, you can build a career that will last a lifetime.


Apart from pharmaceutical companies and grocery shops, it’s difficult to conceive of a sector that hasn’t been impacted by the coronavirus epidemic. Businesses ranging from florists to caterers, fashion boutiques to law firms are experiencing a decline in demand for their goods and services, including Bandsintown LLC, which had over 430,000 upcoming events booked prior to the virus’s spread. Since then, the majority of them have been postponed or canceled, with artists such as Justin Bieber canceling global tours despite massive ticket sales. Rather than concede defeat and wait for the crisis to pass, the brand has teamed with Amazon’s Twitch to allow fans to watch live performances from their favorite musicians for a modest price. At the moment, artists interested in earning money from the site must file an application, but Bandsintown has simplified the process, allowing some bands and musicians to earn money practically overnight.

The business describes the endeavor as a “reorganization” of its product pipeline, enabling musicians to host virtual concerts from the comfort of their own homes and make money in the process. Other celebrities are using sites such as MasterClass, an online education platform where students can access pre-recorded lessons and lectures from professionals in a variety of fields. While MasterClass includes celebrities such as Kelly Wearstler teaching interior design classes, Gordon Ramsay teaching cooking classes, and RuPaul sharing advise on self-expression and authenticity, competing platforms provide comparable possibilities for personal trainers, musicians, and others.

Due to school closures and teacher and key staff shortages in the United States, educational institutions are bringing lectures online with presentations and home-learning exercises to ensure that classes continue as scheduled and that students can complete their diplomas and degrees without undue disruption. And a new generation of companies is emerging that provide one-on-one tutoring to pupils worldwide, hosted by furloughed instructors and marketing customized courses ranging from kindergarten to university-level professionals. The key is innovation and the ability to adapt at breakneck speed to these rapidly changing conditions. In China, for example, food delivery disruptors (such as UberEats) have responded by providing groceries delivery to people in isolation or infected with the coronavirus, thus increasing their market value by billions of yen.


Whether you want to sell your writing, illustrations, artwork, marketing skills, photography, programming, design, books, handicrafts, recipes, coaching, music, clothing, plants, or time, there are so many ways to reinvent yourself and establish yourself as an authority during these trying times by offering your talents for a fee. Whether you share your artwork on Reddit and accept commissions via direct messages, promote your interior design skills on Pinterest and offer virtual appointments via Zoom, or create an App Store app that combines your knowledge with video tutorials and exercises, the possibilities are endless, provided you are motivated and willing to put in some hard work.

Quarantine also provides seasoned professionals and businesses with a chance to put pen to paper and create their own book. Career development and self-help eBooks and paperbacks sell well, and although they may take many months to create and prepare for sale, the return may be tremendous with the proper push. A self-published novelist makes $450,000 per year from Amazon. You could even write an eBook and distribute it for free in return for email addresses, which is ideal for lead creation.


After deciding on a talent to sell, the following step is to locate the appropriate platform to market your offering. Naturally, social networking is an excellent place to start, but creating a separate account for your business endeavors makes sense, since it may be off-putting to some if you attempt to sell goods directly to friends and family during these unusual times.

Freelancing with a particular skill set you possess is an excellent method to earn money from home while also participating in the “gig economy.” Fiverr, UpWork, and PeoplePerHour are all excellent places to start, as are Facebook groups for freelancers and virtual assistants, where businesses seek assistance with translation, copywriting, presentation, and graphic design, among other tasks. Determine your talents, establish an hourly fee, and market yourself. The more platforms you are visible on, the more probable it is that you will discover customers and make money from home.

It is critical, however, that you realize the disadvantages of such gig websites. According to Roshan Perera of Freelancer Hacks, Fiverr is “the worst location to start a freelance career” since the site prioritizes quantity over quality, attracts fraudsters, and charges exorbitant rates. For instance, if you offer a tutoring session for $100, Fiverr will charge you $20 and the seller would pay $105 – that’s an extra $25 in income that you might earn if you worked directly with a customer.

If you lack any especially valuable talents, one simple method to earn money from home is to join online survey companies such as Swagbucks and offer your thoughts on products, research subjects, and politics. Most surveys take between five and an hour to complete, and you’ll earn a few bucks for your work. However, surveys paying $50, $100, or more are sometimes available, albeit they usually demand additional participation, such as evaluating a real product or enabling eye-tracking software on your devices. Before you begin, thoroughly understand the terms and conditions of each service, since some pay pennies for your time or have unreachable criteria. Another option is Google Opinion Rewards, which provides Play Store credit in exchange for completing surveys.

Other ways to earn money during the COVID-19 crisis include decluttering your closet and selling unwanted items on sites like eBay and Gazelle, teaching online through a platform like Chegg or TutorMe, where most teachers earn between $15 and $50 per hour, or even venturing outside your home (as long as you follow local government regulations) and joining an app like DoorDash, which delivers food, medicines, and groceries.

In these really extraordinary times, the ability to think creatively about alternative revenue streams is essential, even more so if your career is on the line or you have been laid off. Dare to release your inner creativity, use eLearning sites to develop a skill you’ve always wanted to attempt, discover your hidden skills, and share yourself and your abilities with the world. It may be frightening, and it may not work, but it may launch you on a whole new professional path and provide you with purpose and confidence at a time when they are most needed. Best of luck!

Discover the Easiest Ways to Change Your Name in Clash Royale

How to Change Your Name in Clash Royale: Scroll down to the main content to learn how to change your name in Clash Royale, a tower rush video game that allows two to four people to participate in several game modes.

Clash Royale is an award-winning video game that is enjoyable for many.

Clash Royale was launched throughout the globe on March 2, 2016. Supercell created and released the game. The Royales are the main characters in the real-time multiplayer game Clash Royale. A lot of your favorite Clash characters have much more to offer. Players are going to need to acquire and improve the hundreds of cards, such as warriors, spells, and defenses, in addition to your Clash of Clans troops.

What You Need to Know About Changing Your Name in Clash Royale

In Clash Royale, you may alter your name simply. In order to view your name change button, you have to go to the settings menu. It is important to make sure you are comfortable with your new name in Clash Royale before changing it since once you do, you can never alter it again. If you make any changes to your name on the following Supercell game, you won’t be able to alter it again.

Clash Royale: How can you change your name color?

The gameplay in Clash Royale is dynamic and unique. Names change color when players enter or exit, but no one ever remembers it. In case you have forgotten or aren’t sure how to modify the font of the label, To colorize names in Clash Royale, follow these steps: When you try to alter the color of your name, you’ll have to pass at least four levels in the game first. Finishing your training is an excellent method to be eligible for advancement, since you can get there by doing so.

The following procedures will let you alter the color of your name.

In Clash Royale, go to Settings.

Select Change Name to Proceed

Please provide your name and color preference.

One last validation.

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What you need to know about name changes in Clash Royale: FAQs

When is Clash Royale coming out?
Clash Royale will be released on March 2nd, 2016.

Who made Clash Royale?
Supercell is the company behind Clash Royale.

In Clash Royale, what mode are you playing?
Clash Royale, on the other hand, includes a multiplayer mode.

How many platforms can you get Clash Royale on?
You can play Clash Royale on both Android and iOS.

Is it necessary to purchase gems to alter your username in Clash Royale?
Changing your in-game name will start at 500 Gems, with the exception of one free name change.

Is there a price for changing your username in Clash Royale?

When you get the ability to edit your nickname in your account, you may make this alteration once for free if you’ve reached the level of a King.

Clash Royale has which genres?
Clash Royale is a Real-time Strategy game with an RTS genre.

Uptobox Bans Americans After Visa and MasterCard Pressure

The popular Uptobox file storage service has closed access to US users under the pressure of Visa and MasterCard. Credit card companies are asking taxpayers to stop sending cyberlockers in case of crime.


After trying to establish stricter anti-terrorism laws in the United States, Hollywood and the big brands have tried to stop the money of so-called fake places.

Paid jobs are some of the leading and most exciting industries that have already helped negotiate deals between VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, PaySafeCard and other players.

As a result, large file storage services have had difficulty accepting payments from users. The popular Cyberlocker Uptobox is one of the most recent injuries on the project, TorrentFreak has learned.

“Our paid advertisers have received notifications from Visa and MasterCard telling them to stop receiving credit card payments for our work, according to the penalties,” the Uptobox supervisor Guillaume tells us.

“This is the result of pressure from video studios on Visa and Mastercard,” he adds.

Uptobox is currently still accepting credit card payments through a retailer, but has decided to sever all ties with the United States in order to avoid damage.

This means that U.S. tourists they are not allowed to enter the page. Instead they receive the following information. Sorry, Uptobox.com is not available in your country. ”

Uptobox will consider lifting the ban if European donors want to participate in debt. However, considering the tightness of Visa and MasterCard in this case can be tricky.

According to Guillaume, MasterCard appealed to Hipay and Allopass creditors, following a Disney request. In addition, PayPal has rejected Uptobox requests for file transfers.

According to figures released last year more than 1,500 “robbers” were cut off from donors between 2011 and 2013, and the list continues to grow week by week.

Despite the difficulties that Uptobox determined to keep its business afloat. Cyberlocker is currently looking at several payment methods including Bitcoin.

“Paying money to users is difficult at the moment, but we are confident that we will find the right way to pay for it. We are also considering supporting Bitcoin and other payment methods such as SMS, “says Guillaume.

“So far, the project is not in jeopardy, we still have a bright future ahead of us,” concludes the Uptobox writer.

100 Companies That Care

Combat insecurity in food


106 supermarkets from North Carolina to Massachusetts family owned chain

Wegmans goes above and beyond his mantra: from supporting elderly people with their shops, to expanding on the company-wide recovery rate of 75 percent. In the last year, over 18 million lbs. of unsaleable goods have been given by the supermarket chain to food banks and another 30 million dollars have gone to charities—with local shops entrusted to help their communal groups. The Wegman family wrote to its 53,000 workers at the height of the pandemic: “In uncertain times such as these, we have to be here for one another. “We will get through this together by leading with our hearts.”


Over 227 million dollars has been given to COVID-19 relief agencies by the San Jose network hardware firm.

Pultegroupj 251 Veterans to build


Home building business operating in 40 towns

In the last eight years, the PulteGroup, headquartered in Atlanta, has provided the injured veterans households with a mortgage-free program of $23 million for a total of 58 residences. Justin Reuber was sent to his family home in Hockley, Texas last May, and even the epidemic did not trigger an impediment. Last May, Sgt. First Class Justin “I can’t imagine a more pleasant job” said Lindy Oliva, divisional chairman of PulteGroup.


The global hotel company provides free stays for medical staff at the forefront via its 1 Million Rooms program.


Together with 26 other companies, the global professional services business promised to employ 100,000 New Yorkers with little revenue and the minority by 2030.

6|Financial capital one corporation

In order to boost interest in STEM areas, the Capital One coders initiative connects workers with kids.

7|Camden Trust in Property

The real estate investment firm headquartered in Houston contributed $1 million to an employee assistance fund to help people impacted by the epidemic.

8|The US Bank

More than 10,000 veterans, National Guards and reservists were recruited by the banking company and overcame a five-year objective.


The Salesforce Adventurers Club hosted over 5,000 children in July as a virtual alternative to Bringing Your Child to Work Day.

10|Enterprise Company Hewlett Packard

Annual pay off for 60 hours is given to IT giant employees.


The PeopleInspired Giving Foundation, a non-profit cloud business, provides over $268,000 to people suffering from tragic events.

12|Atlantic, Inc.

With a net-zero carbon target by 2050, the San Francisco-based software firm is running 100% on renewable energy.

13|Companies of Rocket

The financial firm has helped to give 50,000 kids from Detroit with computers and access to the Internet in order to enable remote study.

14| Financial synchrony

The business based in Stamford, Conn., has been able to pay workers for childcare or elderly care from 25 to 60 days.

15|Jones Edward

The company of St. Louis donated 25 million dollars to the Alzheimer’s Association, with a total of 25 million dollars in 2016.


In support of the arts, a $1 million creative residency fund was established by the computer software firm.

Solutions of Family Solutions Brighthoriz 249 17| Bright

The Horizons Lehrership Program is a free way for day care workers to get early education degrees.

18|Supermarkets Publix

During the epidemic, employees were paid permanently to recognize their devotion.

19|Technologies Dell

A Y-shaped ventillator splitter was created by the digital solutions firm to double COVID-19 patients.

20|CHG Services of Healthcare

Employees of the Utah-based hospital staff may sell excess paid time off up to 80 hours in cash back.

21|Anthem, Inc. 21| Anthem

Team members of the health insurance business headquartered in Indianapolis utilize daily “me minutes.”

22|Ryan LLC Amy3

RyanTHRIVE, an online platform for improving the overall well-being of workers, was developed by this tax consulting company.

23|Corporation Target

Up to four hours of pay – and free Lyft rides – is paid to workers per hour for vaccination.

24| Marriott International, Inc., 24| Marriott International

The hotel network provided space to the American Red Cross to hold and count 150 drives after national blood drives had been suspended due to the epidemic.

Thr-colleen 252 Brighter Dark Days

25|Texas of Holy Resurrection 25|

Religious, non-profit health system that provides continuous care

Texas Health retrained and reallocated its workers to essential pandemic duties in order to prevent layoffs last year. Mammographer Colleen Newton has taken temperatures, performed health checks and, during her stays, painted encouraging words on pillars at her fort Worth hospital as a dock screener. Her modest creative endeavors have become a source of unexpected optimism for both workers and patients. “Back of the masks, I could sense the grins beaming,” she adds.

26|Corporation Hyatt Hotels

Hyatt Regency Baltimore shared his kitchens with local black dining experts who lost their rental and needed a cooking location.


This biotech company paid staff up to $1,000 for office equipment in order to ease the move into work from the home.


This mobile management platform has invested $50,000 in the professional sector to boost the number of Black coaches.

29|David Homes Weekly

3,400 masks, 2.100 eye protection pieces and 1,400 pairs of gloves have been given by the Houston based homebuilder to the health professionals.


Through the web portal Mission Matters, 5,000 staff in Columbus and its surroundings have contributed 27,248 voluntary hours.


The Insurance Company’s senior leadership donated an additional $75,000 to the Financial Assistance Fund for the employee-drived associates.

32|Pharmaceutical Inc., Otsuka America

100 iPads have been given by Princeton, NJ, a pharmaceutical business to hospital patients and children.

33|Atlantic System of Health

A peer to peer responsiveness program to reduce emotional stress was established by the area health agency.

Rebuilding a Torn Community


For almost 125 years, the company has provided annuities and retirement solutions.

Following George Floyd’s assassination and the ensuing social upheaval, Allianz wanted to assist in the reconstruction of its hometown. After increasing its donating budget—$4.23 million committed to charities in the Minneapolis area—the business also increased its allocation of paid volunteer hours (from 8 to 16), supporting groups such as Keystone Community Service and Meals on Wheels. An employee adds, “Allianz encourages us to contribute from the heart.”

Bitwise Industries 35

OnwardCA, a network that connects individuals impacted by COVID-19 to services, money, and other needs, was established by team members at the Fresno-based IT company.

Alston & Bird LLP (36|Alston & Bird LLP)

Associates at the Atlanta-based legal company provided emergency pro bono assistance to racial injustice protestors throughout the nation.

Nationwide Mortgage Bankers is a 37-year-old company that provides mortgage services across the United States.

Medical personnel, police enforcement officers, and teachers may be eligible for no-fee mortgages via the company’s Heroes Program.

United Therapeutics Corporation (United Therapeutics Corporation) (United Therapeutics Corporation) (Uni

During the lockout, CEO Martine Rothblatt sent individual letters and comfort gifts to every 900 workers of the biotech firm.

Ernst & Young LLP eyhabitatfo 248 39

The multinational professional services conglomerate announced two days of service for employees to participate with groups such as Habitat for Humanity.

40|T-Mobile United States, Inc.

Connecting Heroes is a telecom firm project that will offer free 5G wireless service to first-responder organizations for the next decade.


Employees at this professional services company gave clothes and provided job-search assistance to underprivileged women entering the labor market.

Nugget Market, Inc. 42

This Northern California supermarket company collaborated with the American Red Cross to help people affected by recent disasters.

cambridge-1 247\s43|NVIDIA

NVIDIA, as a member of the COVID-19 HPC Consortium, collaborates with scientists to expedite medical research via the use of its graphics processors.

LaSalle Network|44

When the employment company lost 70% of its revenue in April 2020, CEO Tom Gimbel forewent his pay for six months in order to prevent layoffs.


This Kalamazoo-based medical-tech firm created the Emergency Relief Bed for pop-up care facilities in response to high demand.

img 4688 Keeping Promises


Courier and fast mail services are available in over 220 countries.

You don’t become one of the world’s most dependable carriers unless you know how to get goods where they need to go. Throughout the epidemic, DHL has shown its strength by delivering 100,000 Girl Scout Cookies to hospitals in the New York region or 1,000 decommissioned corporate computers to kids in need. DHL has sent Christmas trees, decorations, gifts, and handwritten messages to U.S. troops and women stationed overseas for the last 17 years via another program, Operation Holiday Cheer. “We hope DHL will raise their spirits and provide a sense of home to them,” adds CEO Greg Hewitt.


The mobile banking platform gave $150,000 to Bay Area groups that assist people experiencing homelessness.

American Express No. 48

To fight anti-Asian prejudice, the financial services company joined other partners in launching the #AscendTogether Action Agenda.


Through its I on Hunger” program, the global consulting company has packed and delivered 11 million meals to far.

Wellstar Health System 50

The Georgia-based physician established a practice to meet the medical needs of the LGBTQ population in a judgment-free setting.


We polled businesses throughout the United States, in collaboration with global workplace authority Great Place to Work, to identify those that most show exceptional regard, care, and concern for their communities, workers, and the environment. The rankings are based on the experiences of over 5 million employees. Companies who want to be included for next year’s list can go to GreatPlacetoWork.com/CompaniesThatCare.


Go to people.com to learn more about the companies on the second half of the list.

Twilio Inc. 51

4imprint, Inc. 52


Northwell Health|54

Intuit Inc. 55



Blue Shield of California|58


60|On-Site Health


Burlington Stores, Inc., No. 62

JM Family Enterprises, Inc., No. 63

64|Government Services

Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants 65

Cox Enterprises Inc., No. 66

67|Insurance That Is Progressive


69|Hewlett-Packard Co.

Acxiom LLC|70

Splunk Inc., 71|Splunk Inc., 71|Splunk Inc.


Navy Federal Credit Union (73|Navy Federal Credit Union)

SAP America (74|SAP America)

Brightview Senior Living | 75

SAS Institute Inc., 76|SAS Institute Inc., 76|SAS Institute Inc.,



79|Liberty Mutual Insurance Company


81|Leumi Bank

Horizon Therapeutics (82|Horizon Therapeutics)

Box, Inc., 83|

First American Financial Corporation (84|First American Financial Corporation)

85|The Cheesecake Factory, Inc.

Southern Ohio Medical Center|Phone: (86) 86-86-86-86-86-86-

87|Bell & Howell

Slalom Consulting 88

PeopleTec, Inc. 89


91|The Zillow Group

Robert Half International Inc. 92

American Fidelity Assurance Company, No. 93

Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP (94).

95|Insurance for Farmers

DICK’S Sporting Goods 96


American Savings Bank F.S.B. No. 98


Perkins Coie LLP 100