255 thoughts on “Free Roblox Accounts passwords and usernames dump With Robux and OBC that work October 2021”

  1. Hello can i have a roblox account with so much robux adn pets in adopt me or simple much robux pls i lost my account with frost dragon neon fly ride pls i need an acount,My contact email is catazuudu@gmail.com thank you

  2. my account is MrMythixxx password is: ******************
    can u buy some robux on there, take off ur paypal or credit card number when ur done, THANKS 🙂

    1. You need to be careful about giving your Roblox details to a random person I would just make a new account give them those details and then make a group on the account invite you main account then transfer the robux to there. Safe and simple isn’t it

  3. Can you add 100000000000000000 robuxs to my account my name on Roblox is maddymonkey133 please can I get some some one hacked my account and stole all my robux please can you give me some🥺🥺🥺🥺

  4. please send me an account with some robux🥺❤️ Mom says I cant buy myself so im begging u to send me one please🙏💍

  5. pls someone help my brother is kid he ned robux and is cryng i have not money to buy robux pls give my borother robuxs username is pro9gamer9vehicle

    1. Pls anyone give me robux i never had robux even once so please im begging you all plsss ill be satisfied if u give me🥺 again im begging u,roblox user: kishalhi1089

  6. People follow my account 21k_Phoenixxx I will gift some robux but please do not spam me with friend requests or how much you want, I only give up to 100 per person because too many people ask me for more than I give. Please be thankful for what I give you, lovelys. <3

  7. Plz give me rubox 500 plz ilove roblox and i dont any rubox plz some one give me rubox plzz plzzz plzzz plzzz plzz😢😥😔😔 User name Twilightprences

  8. hi! my name is hazel i am a good and caring and helpful girl i just wanted to ask you may you get me a account and a good amount of robux thank you for all your help! have a 2021 year! bye

  9. Can u give me robux just 50 or 100 please
    I just want to buys hair and dress thanks<3

  10. hello i want some robux or an acc with robux if i can get it ill leave a link to this site in the discription of my video and ill show it is real ill al do this if i can get some robux my roblox username is gorredijk1

  11. Please give me a account with a good amount of robux I’m grateful with a good amount of robux so this what happen I have been with no robux before I try get free robux but just scam but when I saw this I got hype but all the rich accounts got taken so that’s why I really want robux

  12. Can you give me an account with 10k or 5k pls its my first time getting robux i only have one

  13. People keep changing the password can you make a account for me with robux please maybe around 10k or 100k robux please

  14. i have a account and it has 100000k robux but im trading it for royale high stuff it also has adopt me pets neon mega neons and more so doyou wantitforroyale high stuff?
    if yes my user is iiicloudy_IU

  15. Can you give account plss and send it to my gmail (johncarl2k00@gmail.com) Advance Thank You I wish i can receive it. 🙂

  16. I’ve tried every account and every time I try to sign into any of them it says the username or password is wrong. I’ve tried typing it myself very carefully and it still says i’m wrong. I’m only doing this because my OWN account was recently stolen of my robux and then someone changed my password. So please P L E A S E give me an account that actually works.

  17. Can someone private message me an account because all these accounts have incorrect passwords

  18. Can I please have an account I don’t have any robux and my friends bully me because of it. I’ve tried getting robux online but it only hacked my account.

    1. Can you give me a rich roblox account please because i lost all my accounts 1 year ago and i’ve been trying to get them back but if you give me a rich roblox account it’ll make me happy

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