What is Freemium?

Freemium is a business model through which products can be proposed, or more commonly services that are provided free of charge and aimed at attracting a large number of users. We then sought to convert these users into customers to use paid premium service versions or other services that were paid concurrently.

The principle of freemium is especially applicable to games on mobile phones or social networks, so we also call it “free games” or F2P. In theory, revenue is generated by additional payment levels, virtual goods that can be purchased in the game, or time-accelerated services. For more details, see Free Games.

The principle of freemium is mainly developed on the Internet because it makes it possible to provide free services at a lower cost and to fund free services at least in part through advertising.

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In fact, many free Internet services are based on a hybrid and often evolving model that mixes advertising funds with premium service funds. The basic version of LinkedIn, a free social platform, is free. It is funded by advertising and sells other features for users.

The whole challenge of the freemium model is to convert users from free to paid services. Freemium versions of some services or games are very successful, but it is difficult to get enough profitability.

Why choose Microsoft Office 365 for your business?

Office 365 applications are not just Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Not only that. Office 365 is a collection of applications and services available online. This article is not intended to explain each application in detail, but rather to give you an overview of all the tools / services and show you their possibilities.


Work becomes mobile

Your employees all work on different media (PC, tablet, smartphone …) and different environments (Windows, Apple …). Office 365 gives them easy access to their work tools from any device, whether connected or offline.

Work becomes closely linked

Office 365 allows streamlined file sharing, co-publishing and document management, and their social media conversations.

Work becomes more collaborative

Collaboration is the value that Microsoft Office 365 brings. You can work in groups, work on documents at the same time, access data anytime, anywhere, your work tools are available 24 hours a day, and you can access shares.

Some key data

66% of employees use personal devices at work (Microsoft, 2017);
77% of SMEs use the cloud (Microsoft, 2017);
54% of SMEs put safety first;
One in five SMEs are victims of cyber attacks every year.

What is Microsoft Office 365?

Office 365 is a cloud-based subscription service (hosted on an external server) that brings together all the services and tools that are best suited to new ways of working to help you grow your business.

For example, Office 365 allows all users to create and share documents from anywhere and any device (smartphone, tablet, computer), benefiting from professional mailboxes, instant messaging programs, creating presentations, organizing online meetings or creating team websites .. .

With the power of the cloud and multiple applications, Office 365 addresses the needs of mobility, real-time communication / collaboration, productivity, and data security.

What benefits of Microsoft Office 365?

Benefits of Microsoft Office-365

Microsoft’s goal is to provide modern and effective tools to large companies (small businesses, small and medium-sized businesses, large customers …) to enable them to optimize their organization, especially focusing on this. What really matters is cost optimization, customers Loyalty, human resources, R & D …


63% of employees move at least once a week (Source: Microsoft);
No matter where you are (on the go, in the office …), you can access all Microsoft Office 365 applications and your data and tools online or offline.
Security and reliability

In France, 96% of SMEs believe they benefit from the increased security provided by the cloud (Source: Microsoft);
Store all your documents in a cloud in a secure space. You no longer risk losing data and you still control access.
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Multiple devices

50% of users use more than 3 different devices in a day (Source: Microsoft);
You can access all your documents at any time from any device (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets, Windows Phone, Windows tablets …).
Variable cost structure

More and more companies want to reduce spending on infrastructure and software (Source: Microsoft)
Office 365 subscriptions can be reported as operating expenses rather than capital expenses. The monthly cost is predictable.

94% are overwhelmed by the amount of information received. It is therefore necessary to know how to handle and share it in a relevant way (Source: Microsoft);
Use real-time communication tools to improve collaboration within your company.
Focus on core business

84% of SMEs said that choosing a cloud service allows them to invest time and money in development and innovation (source: Microsoft);
Always updated office version thanks to a simplified management console for easy user management.
The Office 365 portal brings together all the services available to your business in your Microsoft Office 365 subscription. With the Office 365 portal, you can easily find all the services and tools available.

What are Office 365 tools?

Office Suite

Based on the selected quote, Office 365 includes the most well-known tools such as Word, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, OneDrive Enterprise or Access. You probably know most. That’s why we won’t discuss these applications too much in this article. If you choose Office 365, you will always get the latest software version without worrying about automatic updates. Interesting, isn’t it?

4.2- OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business (equivalent to Dropbox) is Microsoft’s professional cloud computing service that lets you store files, share files with others in your organization, and access file devices (Android or iOS) from anywhere and be ready to use. You can also share files and data with people outside your company.

Unlike OneDrive, which is free personal storage space, OneDrive Enterprise is perfect for small and medium businesses, ETI, and large customers. Connect to Office 365 and you will benefit from 1TB storage and OneDrive Premium features: Office for PC and Mac, enhanced security, temporary shared links, file restoration, offline folders, network detection (ransomware) attacks and recovery Wait. To explain further, I invite you to read about the benefits of OneDrive for Business.

4.3-SharePoint Online

SharePoint Online is one of the applications available in Office 365. Unlike SharePoint Server deployed on your own server, SharePoint Online is hosted in the cloud. This collaboration tool makes it possible to create team sites, intranets or extranets.

It can also be used as an electronic document management (EDM) tool. SharePoint Online is open to everyone outside the company, encouraging them to collaborate and communicate with customers. For further explanation, I suggest you read the article about the benefits of SharePoint Online.

4.4-Exchange Online and Outlook

Exchange Online is a cloud-based, cloud-based mail server for professionals, and the email client connected to it is Outlook. Unlike Outlook, Exchange Online does not download. Note that it is possible to configure multiple email addresses.

By choosing Outlook, you will have multiple features: professional inbox, powerful calendar solution, task list, contact database, spam protection, email encryption, email archiving, spam protection against online threats and more

4.5- Skype for Business


Unlike the free version (a version everyone knows) that is perfectly suitable for small businesses under 20, Skype Business is ideal for small and medium businesses, ETI, and large customers. This intuitive collaboration tool can greatly encourage interaction among company employees.

Here are some features: online meetings (up to 250 participants) / video conferencing, instant messaging, audio and video calls, desktop and file sharing, remote access … To learn more, I will provide you an invitation to discover Articles on the main collaboration features of Skype for Business.

4.6-Microsoft Team

Microsoft Teams, officially launched in March 2017, is a team messaging tool designed to provide an alternative to Slack. This collaboration platform has been integrated with all Office 365 applications (such as Skype, Word, Excel, OneNote, SharePoint, etc.), which gives it a considerable advantage.

For example, this tool can create private / public discussion threads by team, project, or topic. For each thread, you can share documents, chat, and receive notifications from other applications. All in all, all of the team’s conversations, content and applications are collected in the Microsoft team.

roblox generator robux 2020

How do I have a free robux?

It’s not that difficult to have free robux. Just follow the instructions and guidelines our team has set for the proper use of the generator. In general, following these steps is easy to accomplish, as we value simplicity and speed to avoid complications due to improper use of the platform. Previously, for users who wanted free robux, there were multiple issues. The use of robux generators must be simplified as much as possible for best performance and ease of use. Since players are clamoring for free bots, the complexity of use can lead to errors related to sudden pressure on the database.

To have a free robux, you first need to connect to a generator interface, which acts as an intermediary between our server and the player who wants to have a free robux. You must primarily own the account identifier and insert it into the appropriate column. It is then recommended to select the required number of robots. This option will vary depending on the time period, depending on the supply and demand algorithm we installed to benefit most players from these robots. If this is not the case, Player X may come to load robux to create multiple accounts And empty the database, then alert the roblox system, which will notice that a single IP address has multiple Robux.

An anti-abuse system has been established to avoid this situation. Through the audit, we detected fraudulent attempts by those who wished to maliciously use our platform for personal purposes. We have to deal with people who use our platform to generate free robots and resell them at reduced prices.

Once you have completed all the steps needed to get a free robux, log in to your account to complete the process and have a great time. You can also invite friends to use robux generator and enjoy a good gaming experience as a group.

If you have any problems getting a free robot, you can contact us to tell us your problem and explain the situation. Usually, we check the configuration of the robux generator daily using an automated system. You just need to refresh the platform to a value of zero that can be damaged.

How does the system work?

We have access to a special database that contains all the properties that allow Roblox to set up your account and enter the number of robux you have. A special algorithm intercepts the data stream from the server to the user and redistributes it to users who use our platform and want to have free robux. You definitely want to know if the parent company did not implement our algorithm. The answer is simple: we have implemented a replication system that ensures that the person who actually buys the goods receives his helper, so you do n’t have to worry about it not appearing and everything Go quietly.

Thanks to a special algorithm, we managed to intercept and store the attributes sent by the parent company and store them at the encrypted database level. When a user who wants to get a free robux starts the build process, the system sends a request to the server that returns the attributes to the user account. After the latter completes the anti-abuse verification process, he will receive robberies on his account and can use them without any problems.

Problems may arise during the operations required to obtain the robot. In this case, it is recommended to redo the initial operating mode, from entering the account name to completing and getting a free agent. We try to keep the system running 24 hours a day, but we need to update to improve process performance or security.

For security reasons, please avoid giving your credentials to anyone. The technique we propose is unsustainable and one day it will stop working, so don’t be too confident in the availability of the resources provided by our platform. Do yourself a favor, but always follow the rules. Roblox is primarily a platform for communication, entertainment and communication. Being blinded by virtual currency can make your gaming experience difficult and lose your taste in gaming.

The availability of robux depends on when you want to generate them. For example, if demand is high and a lot of players want to use robux for free, then we will have to share everything fairly. Available packaging is inferior to what is usually provided, but the most important thing is not to leave empty-handed.

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What is Directv?

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