Review of Linktree from the Perspective of a Small Business

Since 2016, Instagrammers have supported Melbourne-based technology company Linktree in managing connections to its off-site material efficiently. The business provides one of Instagram’s most popular solutions to hyperlinks in posts, and many prominent Instagrammers utilize its app.

The first in our series on our favorite marketing tools is this Linktree review. No remuneration and no affiliate relationships are available to us. We just have a task to spread the word and assist small companies discover what they need to thrive.

Again and over, let us look at Linktree and how it may assist your company accomplish its objectives. Without more information.

For which purpose is Linktree used?
Instagram’s policy of not allowing links on posts is ingeniously based on Linktree. The idea is simple: you receive a brief link to your bio that navigates to a site with a list of all of the links you want to be active when you click. You may pick one from there and turn your viewers to the material you want.

For example, let’s suppose that in the last week you’ve been a food blogger and uploaded two recipes: spaghetti and baked potato. You have “like to receive organic” on every post, and you have to select which recipe to really include in your organic food without a product such as Linktree.

You only need one link using Linktree. When a user clicks on the link, links to both recipes will appear, such as:

Very clever. So, how does everything play for you, the company? Let’s look at how you can upload and run a page like this.

I found Linktree straightforward, fast to set up, and simple to utilize throughout my testing. The registration procedure takes only one minute and in less than five minutes I had my Linktree page ready for it.

Let’s take the example above to show their capacity and create a link to a fictitious cooking and health blog called Avocado A Day.

You need to start by entering your email and creating a password to register. From this page, you may enter the name of your company and a few classrooms in which it falls.

Then you will choose for the free plan or the paid PRO plan (we’ll get over the differences in greater depth later).

You are all set up and ready to begin adding links after that. In the right upper corner of the page you can see your linktree URL (which you put in your bio). You will see your page on the right.

Click the “Add New Link” button to start adding connections.

A tiny box with title and URL fields will be shown from there. You’ll see a few more symbols at the bottom of the box, but don’t worry. When we examine the features in the PRO version, we take a closer look at them.

Just provide a title and URL to establish your first link, such as:

The modifications will appear in the preview window instantly. Just repeat the procedure to add another link:

Click on the green slider on the side of the input box if you wish to disable one of the links. It becomes gray and your connection is turned off.

Alternatively, the connection to the trash can button may be simply deleted.

Customization Initial
We’ve got some connections, but it seems a little straightforward. Go to Settings for a little of customizing our site.

A few modification options are available on the settings page. An avatar may be uploaded and selected from nine color schemes/themes. Now, let’s modify some stuff.

Although we begin to come someplace, none of the topics included in the free plan truly suit our brand. We need to upgrade to the PRO plan in order to create something that is truly in line with our corporate identity.

Having stated this, let’s look at the price disparities.

Review of linktree: price
Linktree may be purchased in two price stages: a free plan and a $6/month PRO plan. Here are some of the strengths and disadvantages of both. They are separated.

Plan Free
The free plan will offer almost everything for basic or personal use: limitless links, some fundamental analytics, some basic customisation, a profile picture and the integration of the Amazon Influencer Programme.

The changes on the free plan are, however, very limited. Unfortunately. There are just nine color schemes to select from and you will not be very good with regard to brand consistency if you don’t utilize one of the nine choices currently in your branding.

In addition, there is no option to remove the embarrassing Linktree logo at the bottom of the pages. You can’t alter the font or button style This cuts into your real estate display and finishes with your links being drawn away.

The link page shows how many people clicked each connection on your lifetime page views. Just click on the symbol of analysis in the link box:

This is going to be introduced to you:

All in all, the free plan does the work, however due to the lack of adaptive choices it is a bad choice for companies. If you’re fortunate and your branding matches one of nine free color schemes you may make it work, but the Linktree watermark at the bottom of the screen still has to be addressed.

OR Planning
The PRO plan is a major improvement to the free plan. With PRO, you open more customization choices, detailed analysis of your links and many extremely helpful features, such as priority links, scheduling and thumbnails. Finally, you can get rid of the watermark of Linktree too.

Just go to the PRO page to upgrade:

Follow the upgrading instructions:

You will notice an immediate difference as soon as you provide your payment details: now the analytics box has a metric click.

At the bottom of the link boxes you may also utilize each of those little buttons. Let’s go through what they’re all doing.

Functions of the link

Leap links lead anyone clicking on your Linktree bio link, bypassing the site that you have put up. To establish the leap link as long as you want to remain active, you may use the timeframe. You may find this a helpful feature if you carry out a new offer such as a 50% off discount on your new recital book.

Be aware that your visitors will not be seen in the gray bar at the top of the preview – it is here simply to let you know that you have active jump links. Your visitors will not really view your page. Let’s turn off the jump connection for the moment so that the view of the display is less blocked.

Then, by clicking on the photo icon, we may add a thumbnail.

This may make finding the information they want simpler for your readers, particularly if you’re using the same picture as the article that presented the topic. Let’s see how the pictures look like:

We have the option of adding a priority link, moving to the right. This gives your link a motion effect to help distinguish it.

Sadly, since they are all movement effects, there is no way we can show you how the photos appear.

If you want to set a particular time frame for your link to become live, you may do so too. This may be helpful for links that only apply for a period, such as our sales.

Finally, the PRO Plan offers an enlarged perspective of the analysis:


Go to the settings page for information on what else the PRO plan provides.

First of all, you will notice the possibility of adding a title on a custom page. By clicking on the gear option next to colors, you may alter the font and change the designs of the buttons. The Linktree logo may now (at last) be hidden.

Let’s experiment with some of these settings and see what it all looks like.

An improvement, definitely. Whilst the customizing choices on the PRO package are much better, I found them still a little underworldly. You may choose any color scheme that you like, and even download pictures, but you still do not have the option of typeface. Only 15 typefaces are available, and there is no option to add your own. If throughout the remainder of your branding you utilize a bespoke typeface, you have no chance.

Sadly, there is no means of changing the title, which is problematic, from the remainder of the content. I wanted the links to have a handwritten vibe for the hand-drawn emblem in this case, but the title would be much more striking. Linktree just cannot do that.

However, font types should be adequate for an intermediate landing page, which wouldn’t be reasonable to ask for $6 per month to customize the font level of Adobe Illustrator.


We’ve got an area for social connections going down. These appear at the end of your page as follows:

This is one I must forward to Linktree: the style on them looks excellent, for this sample page at least.

One of my favorite linktree features is the built-in Google Sheets, Mailchimp and Zapier API connection. To register individuals directly from Instagram for your mailing list is an excellent method to do it. Sadly, only MailChimp integration is currently accessible, but the others will soon be there. This is how it looks:

Below is a part that allows you to add custom SEO meta tags:

Finally, we have a Facebook pixel integration statistics area. If your Linktree traffic appears in Google Analytics as social traffic, you can also specify UTM settings here.

The PRO plan, in general, accomplishes what it needs to do and more. I would not hesitate to suggest this to companies seeking for a link directory on Instagram.

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