Is a scribd premium account password membership worth it on 2022?

Answer 1

No it is not. You will only be limited to 3 books and 1 audiobook per month, I believe your subscription fee will pay for musicians ’summer music and news articles you don’t want. This does not, for example, give you access to the New York Times ’full website.
You can’t turn sheet music into different keys, and they don’t have the basic texts used to teach students at conservatories and universities.
They have a very small selection of e-books and you need to actively subscribe to see them. So, if you unsubscribe, you will not be able to access your books. All the books I want to read are “not available”.
Everything they offer can be easily accessed on the Internet through Library Genesis or Google searches. You can download .epubs and .pdfs from Library Genesis and upload them to Google Drive, so you don’t have to download them to your hard drive, then download them from Drive to Google and Google You can have books. read them and read them safely on your computer / smartphone. Searches like “XYZ [author’s name] for free” on Google will create websites that you can read on smartphones through a browser app like Ghostery, so you don’t have to come across malware through advertising. you can collect all the URLs of the websites you offer and create a custom search engine to quickly search all the websites to see your books.
If you can, you can buy books and support the authors, but personally I never pay a monthly subscription fee for a “book” subscription service, which uses my money to pay for sheet music and articles. . It would be better if I subscribed to publishing companies and cut out intermediaries.

Answer 2

I recently got a paid subscription and now they have unlimited books and audiobooks. Scribd wants to be “Netflix for books,” but when it reads anywhere, it uses such restrictions for rude readers.
It’s worth it, they may not have all the names I want, but they still have a lot of good content. Consuming only 5 audiobooks per month costs $ 8 compared to the bill that entitles you to 1 free audiobook per month for $ 15. They also subscribe with MUBI, if you don’t have an account yet, you can watch the Scribd account offer via Mubi.
I also have books on Scribd, a great publisher in my country, surprisingly – I just love it so much, I don’t have to set aside $ 15 for each local book.

Where can I Get free Roblox accounts with Robux and Builders Club 2022?

Robux is Roblox’s largest entertainment platform, which not only entertains players but also showcases their virtual work with unlimited characters, theme parks, fashion shows and much more. allows you to create with things. . Roblox was introduced in 2007 using its own currency, Robux, to help users purchase items that take advantage of these appropriate benefits.
Robux’s official website has all the game elements like clothes, accessories, gear, Avatar Animations collections and body parts grouped into different genres like this horror. Building to choose from, comedy, city and town, medieval, sports, etc. Users can also purchase game passports with Robux currency to get exclusive features, as well as to get manufacturer games, cosmetics, weapons and other functional and decorative items.

Opportunities to join Robux 2022

Robux Currency Group has three well-known premium membership options:

a) Membership in the Builders Club

This is a premium membership group offered by Robux Currency on the Roblox platform, where buyers can get more Robux coins compared to non-members, as well as take advantage of special features. Users who go to the Builder Club membership can get 15 robux every day.

b) Membership in the Turbo Builders Club

This is an ultra-premium extension of the Builder Club membership and subscription to it allows users to get 35 Robux every day on the Roblox gaming platform.

c) Membership in a club of supernatural builders

This is the best premium service to buy a Builder Club membership and users can find 60 Robux every day.
This reward membership plays a very important role in increasing Robux’s revenue and even pays them 100 Robux extra when they subscribe to the reward package. To purchase these members, users must use Roblox gift cards, and these gift cards can be purchased from Gamestop, Eb Games, Walmart, and more. Users can purchase these Robux currencies from their official websites as well as through Roblox cards available at game stops.
Thanks to its innovative and creative gaming platform, Roblox allows you to create your own virtual world using items purchased through Robux currency, as well as make money by selling products in the gaming environment and is popular in millions of games. the world, especially children and children.
But just as there is a virtual currency in the virtual Internet world, it has often been the victim of various rumors and scams. False rumors, newspapers and scary stories on the internet put parents in a difficult position if Robux and its Roblox platform are safe for their children. However, the rumors are not true, as Robux has a fully filtered environment with strict privacy settings that show that it is 100 percent safe for children.

Safety precautions by Roblox

a) Parental control

The Roblox platform has user-friendly content and supports parental controls for children under 13 years of age. The platform restricts content by user age, especially to those under 13, through restrictions, PINs for accounts, age-appropriate visibility and some other functional management tools that filter content and display only age-appropriate games for children.

c) KidSafe seal software

A member of the KidSAFE Seal program and committed to the GDPR program, Roblox strictly adheres to COPA standards for children under the age of 13 and keeps all their information confidential by third parties.

d) Filtered content

Every game in Roblox is filtered, so there are no inappropriate images like murder, horror, bloody scenes, etc., as well as ingredients that are harmful to children, and the rules are violated, which can lead to serious action against users. It also protects all of the player’s personal information, uploaded videos and photos, and allows them to work online only after an investigation.


Roblox serves as a very entertaining platform for games, and its Robux currencies make the experience even more exciting by showcasing many attractive products.
The above measures will determine why Roblox or Robux is safe for users and why people are worried about fake scary rumors and stories. This is a great source of entertainment with a secure platform.

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Is it worth it for a noob to buy premium account membership 2022?


I started playing chess a few weeks ago, I am currently playing at 13.00 Lichess and I want to get good results in the game for a long time. I know there are a lot of free learning resources out there, but if I’m spending my time productively, playing more games, or learning more games, where do I start? very difficult to know.
I use 5 free tactics on every day, I really like the site and it has decent instructions for beginners. The only problem is that most of the site is locked .. is the prize worth buying? If so, which one should I get? Well, are there alternative sites? I don’t mind spending a few bucks if it helps me improve my skills faster.
Thank you in advance!


“Noob” is the person who benefits the most from this award membership.
I also bought my noobman and membership and love it so much.
There are hundreds of lessons on almost any topic and I feel so much better because of it. I just set the lessons on a real board so I can improve my ADB.
I’m sure some people will say it’s not worth the money, but for me it was a must because any decent chess coach can afford at least $ 10 an hour and the membership has already given me a few hours of good training content. . If you’re thinking of buying the most expensive option for a membership for $ 100 a year, it’s worth it because you can learn more in 100 hours. So I say it’s worth it, but I’m sure others won’t agree. But as a very new player, this helped me better understand all aspects of the game.
We hope this helps you make a decision!
When I first started working at two years ago, I was 1100-1200 years old, then I bought my membership and did each lesson several times over the course of a few months. Then I stagnated, just did the tactics, played the game, and looked at them carefully, which drove me off this plateau. If you touch the plateau, it’s always good to change things up. I’m not a master at 1590, but it’s much better than when I started.
I learned chess mostly from, which has a lot of videos about “Chess Master” and basic concepts, things like pledge structure. I also tried chess24, but first there are videos about the openings. Not so useful for improving players ’gestures
A year of membership in a diamond was like $ 100, and it was more important than anything Ive tried.
I also recommend 1 free lesson every day, I did them for 150 days for endgame and learned a lot from them. Usually they involve calculations a little deeper, so they can be very useful if you take the time to pay attention to them.
According to the way I see it, if you want to spend 5-10 hours a week, it can help a good amount because it is interactive and well structured. Tactics can be done in many places, such as chesstempo, although I think can be variable and spoil things a little better, but I personally find to be a compelling speed that forces you to perform tactics well. I hate. it’s not enough to do it right, but it needs to be done very quickly.
In general, it is not worth it. has unlimited free tactics, they are very good, the lessons are good, but most of them are already free and you can do one exercise on other days, and there is no benefit at all for unlimited competitions and their “full game” q. analysis ”
The videos are said to be great, but to access they require a full diamond membership, and you don’t have to pay a monthly diamond for the videos. If you were interested in the videos, the show had to be paid for a month, then watch the lessons you need while recording the recordings for information. Keep in mind that if you are serious about improving long-term relationships, chess videos should be used as an additional resource to books, not your main learning style.

How to Setup a VPN on a Router

You need as much internet security as you can get these days. From telecommuting to watching your favorite program on a smart TV, the typical consumer’s attack surface is three to four times larger than it was when most of us just had one computer. That’s not just a concern; it’s also a hassle, since you’ll need to install security software on all of those devices. While you can’t avoid installing different antivirus software on each device, you can make your virtual private network (VPN) worries less vexing by bypassing the per-device process and instead installing a blanket VPN on your router.


VPNs are essential for internet security for a variety of reasons. For starters, they make your computer seem to be at a place other than where you are. That’s because you’re connecting to a VPN provider’s server and conducting your web sessions from there. When cookies or Big Bad Government Agencies attempt to track you down via your online activity, they will discover the VPN provider’s server rather than you. Even better, hundreds or thousands of people will be performing the same thing on the same server at the same time.

“You have a situation in which your location is concealed and your encrypted data stream is very difficult to discern.”

VPNs, on the other hand, do more than just anonymize your session; they also encrypt your traffic. VPNs may employ a number of encryption techniques, the most common of which is the AES 128-bit or 256-bit standard. Combine that with anonymization, and you have a scenario in which your location is hidden and your individual encrypted traffic stream is extremely difficult to distinguish, because your stream of encrypted gobbledygook is one of hundreds or thousands of other streams of encrypted gobbledygook pouring into and out of that same server farm.
That is the allure of a VPN: you obtain all of these advantages simply by installing a basic web client on your computer and ensuring it is operational before beginning any other online or cloud connection.
However, if you have numerous devices in your house, particularly if you suspect some of them are running linked software that begins before you’ve even had a chance to activate your VPN, something more consistent may be needed. That’s when you should install a VPN client on your wireless router; anybody using your local network to surf the online or use a cloud service will be utilizing the VPN by default, since they can’t connect to the internet without leaping through that always-on hoop.


While some routers now allow connecting to VPN services using OpenVPN or the Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP), this functionality is unlikely to be found on most consumer-oriented routers. It’s also not a simple task to set up. Some of the more costly routers will enable VPNs through those features, particularly if the maker intends to sell them to small companies as well as households.
In addition, a few (increasing) VPN providers have taken on the job of ensuring that their VPN client may be installed on a router’s firmware—more on that below. However, since such clients aren’t always ubiquitous, you’ll require a router from the VPN provider’s compatibility list. While that is fantastic, you are probably satisfied with your existing network, and spending money on a new router simply to obtain a VPN client may not be an appealing choice.
This forces you to look for alternative firmware that supports either OpenVPN or the client of your preferred VPN service. The most common of them is DD-WRT, although Tomato is an alternative for people who have a Broadcom-based router. DD-WRT is the more mature of the two and is compatible with a wide range of routers, both old and new.
Alternatively, you may convert an old x86 PC into a router by installing DD-WRT on it and adding an additional network port through an expansion card. This does need some extra effort, but if you have the skills, it’s a fantastic opportunity to build yourself a very configurable and powerful router at a low cost.
Most people, on the other hand, will stick to installing DD-WRT on their compatible router, which not only does what it’s supposed to do but is also a fantastic method to upgrade and extend your networking capabilities. The only disadvantage of utilizing your router in this manner is that you risk voiding your warranty or, worse, rendering the router totally unusable if anything goes wrong. The easiest method to prevent this is to install DD-WRT on a router that is not only supported, but has been supported for a long time.
Because the development team has had plenty of time to iron out any bugs, the longer your router has been maintained, the easier the firmware upgrade will be. You should also be able to locate a help forum with people who are acquainted with both your router and DD-WRT. Some router manufacturers have similar forums linked to their help sites, although they are more frequently found at independent online places, such as the main DD-WRT website or Reddit.
I updated three routers in order to create this post. The LAPAC1200 AC1200 Dual Band Access Point and the WRT1200AC v2 were both Linksys products. While the update on the LAPAC1200 failed, most likely due to the fact that it is not a full-fledged router, it went well on the WRT1200AC. I decided to perform another installation just for fun on an old, generic Windows PC that I had equipped with two gigabit network interface cards (NICs). That procedure likewise went well, and although it is noticeably larger than the WRT1200AC, it is still the fastest of the two.


Every router is a little different, but most Linksys routers follow a similar pattern when it comes to logging in and making configuration changes. That procedure is similarly comparable to that of most other router manufacturers, thus it serves as a suitable example for this article. The first step is to get your router’s internet Protocol (IP) address. On Microsoft Windows 10, go to the Start menu, type Command Prompt, and press Enter. Then enter ipconfig and press Enter once more. You should see something similar to what is seen in the image below, but with different address numbers. The IP address of your router will be displayed as the Default Gateway. That is in this case. Then, launch your browser and enter your router’s IP address as the URL (http:\\ This will bring you to a login screen for your router’s administrative panel.
If you’ve never updated your router’s username and password, searching for your router model on the Linksys website should take you to a support page with the default credentials provided. If it is not a Linksys router, just locate your original installation instructions from when you originally installed the router, and the default credentials will be present. If that document is no longer available, go to the website of your router’s manufacturer to discover instructions for restoring your router to factory settings. The default credentials should also be present. If it doesn’t work, you’ll need to contact your router’s support team.
“Go to your router manufacturer’s website and look for information on resetting your router to factory defaults.”
Once you’ve gained access to the router’s administrative capabilities, look for the console that enables you to upgrade the firmware. This is usually located under the Administration tab. Check the company’s website for specific instructions for Linksys routers. Similar instructions will be accessible on the help sites of other router manufacturers.


This is probably the most critical step, since if anything goes wrong, you may possibly “brick” (that is, make your router unusable). This may occur as a result of software incompatibility or a power loss at a crucial stage of the update process. I’m not trying to frighten you—the overwhelming majority of DD-WRT installations work perfectly—but the truth is that something terrible may happen to the router, so please proceed with caution.
Navigate to this website ( and input the model name of your router. You will be given a list of possible applicants. Choose the one that corresponds to the brand and model number of your router, and then download the bin file.
Now, from the Firmware Update screen, upload the bin file and wait for it to finish. If everything went as planned, your router will be running DD0-WRT and therefore compatible with OpenVPN. Don’t be alarmed if things go wrong and your router thinks you’re no longer on speaking terms. That is what occurred to me when I attempted to upgrade the Linksys LAPAC1200 Access Point. Simply follow my example: Follow the steps on this website ( from a Bad Flash). With luck, you’ll be able to return to a decent starting point and attempt again.
When everything lights up as it should, the default IP address of a fresh DD-WRT installation is Enter that address as a URL into your PC’s web browser again, and you’ll see a page prompting you to reset the default login and password. Following that, you may proceed to the fundamentals of configuring your new router. For corporate customers and those with more sophisticated network needs, DD-WRT has a plethora of additional options, thus going through them all is beyond the scope of this tutorial. However, for most residential and small business installations, you’ll need to configure the connection type for your wide area network (WAN), which is your internet service provider. In general, this is typically located under the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), so if you’re not sure where to go, that’s a decent place to start.


To begin, connect your router to the internet on one side and your local area network on the other. Then configure any other network settings you need, such as Quality of Service (QoS) or access restrictions. Only after the router is completely operational should you think about installing a VPN client.
To do so, go to the Services page and choose the VPN tab. Check the Enable Bubble next to “Start Open VPN Client.” There is currently no one set of instructions for making this work. Simply follow the directions for your VPN provider, and you’ll be fine.


DD-WRT includes a great Status page with a VPN part that displays whether or not you’re connected and whether or not everything performed as expected. If you want to go the additional mile, you may look up your IP address in Google by entering “What is my IP?” If your VPN is functioning correctly, you should receive something different than what you began with since you’ll be browsing to Google from your VPN vendor’s server rather than your PC. If it occurs, congratulations! You may now surf the web anonymously across all of your connected devices.