Netflix France ends free 30 day trial membership period September 2022

Netflix has no longer the 30 days trial of free use. Multinational companies no longer offer this trial period to start a discovery services before the final payment September 2022.


For Netflix, this is a page turned as competition intensifies. Indeed, it is no longer possible to discover the platform with a Netflix 30-day free trial. This means that you now have to pay when you sign up to watch much of what Netflix offers.
Keep in mind that there are three subscription options: the basic version is € 7.99 (one screen, HD quality), the standard version is € 11.99 (two screens, Full HD quality), and the premium version is € 15.99 (four screens) screen, 4K HDR quality). Please note that this is the most expensive code option and it is selected by default when registering. If you want to pay less, don’t be fooled.

More free periods for NETFLIX

Disney + is scheduled to land in France on April 24th. The price is very attractive (6.99 Euros per month or 69.99 Euros per year), and the trial period is 3 months. 7 days it actually symbolizes the development of Netflix strategy, and this development cannot be completely free. So everything shows that multinational companies will from time to time highlight their services by making content accessible to everyone.
Recently, we saw this development when Netflix France decided to play movies for free to all the boys I love. In a sense, this move makes sense, and as a result, the sequel-To all boys: PS I always love you. To view it, you must subscribe. At the end of last year, we still remember that the animated movie “Klaus” has been released for 48 hours.
Among Netflix’s main competitors, we noticed:

  • Amazon Prime Video has a 30-day trial period
  • Apple TV + has a 7-day trial period (or even one year for users buying the latest Apple products)
  • OCS (Orange Cinema Series) offers a one-month free trial.


England is the largest and most densely populated part of the United Kingdom in North West Europe.

England comprises most of the southern portion of the island of Great Britain, bordered by Scotland to the north and Wales and the Irish Sea to the west. The country borders the North Sea in the east, the English Channel in the south and the Atlantic Ocean in the south-west.
London is the capital of England and the entire United Kingdom. Measured by the number of its inhabitants, it is also the third largest city in Europe (after Moscow and Istanbul). England’s population of over 55 million people comprises almost 85% of the UK’s population.
The country’s geography is characterized by low hills and plains, particularly in central and southern England. However, there are also highlands in the north and southwest.
In many European languages ​​(e.g. German, Dutch, French, etc.) the name England is also used synecdochically for the entire United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


The name England derives from the Old English word Engaland, which means land of the Angles. The Angles were a Germanic tribe that settled the country in the early Middle Ages. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the first written record of the name as Engla lande was in 1014. The modern spelling England (also Engelland in medieval texts) was first recorded for the year 1658.
An alternative name for England is Albion. It originally referred to the whole island of Great Britain. The term is also used in modern times, especially poetically, for England. The nominally earliest record of this name was probably in the 4th century BC. found in the Corpus Aristotelicum. It says something like: “Beyond the Pillars of Heracles there are two very large islands called Britannia; these are Albion and Ierne”. The word Albion (Ἀλβίων) may derive from the Latin word albus (white), a reference to the white cliffs of Dover (between England and France).

How much does DAZN cost in Canada? Subscription Price, free trial offer, payment methods 2022

How much does DAZN cost in Canada? Subscription cost, free-trial offer, payment methods?

DAZN is a revolutionary sports streaming service that features some of the biggest leagues in the world. With a subscription, fans in Canada can watch the NFL, Premier League, Serie A, Champions League, Europa League, MLS, WTA tennis and much more either at home or on the go.
In addition the live sports, DAZN also provides the NFL Network and MLB Network, and original shows such as NFL “Rookie Diaries” and “Saturday Fight Live.”
The subscription offers access to a great live sports offering, with the ability to play, pause or revert to live and demand events.
Here is everything you need to know about the price of DAZN, the free trial period, and the tools you can watch.

How much does DAZN cost?

1 month registration: $ 20 CAD
One-year registration: $ 150 CAD
DAZN offers a free 30-day trial after which registration costs $ 20 per month. You can sign up for a one-year subscription for $ 150.
Subscriptions give users access to the entire catalog of live and demand content with the various leagues and games provided, as well as the original program.
Can I watch DAZN for free?
Anyone who signs can watch DAZN for free during the 30-day trial period. Users can cancel their free trial at any time for the first 30 days.
During the free trial, all live DAZN games and the original program are available, including all Premier and NFL matches.

How do I pay for DAZN?

There are several ways to pay DAZN registrars in Canada:
Credit card
Debit card
Apple payment within the program
How do I delete or suspend my account?
DAZN users can withdraw their subscription at any time in the My DAZN Account section. Users who signed with Apple and Amazon can easily sign up for DAZN by following the instructions on the DAZN website for more information.

What sports are on DAZN?

In Canada, among the live sports DAZN offers:

  • NFL Game Pass, with access to every regular-season and playoff game, and NFL RedZone
  • NFL Network
  • Premier League games
  • Serie A games
  • Champions League games
  • Europa League games
  • MLS games
  • MLB Network
  • WTA Tennis
  • Boxing and MMA

Политическа икономика

Политическата икономия е изучаване на производството и търговията и техните отношения със закона, обичаите и правителството; и с разпределението на националния доход и богатство. Като дисциплина политическата икономия възниква в моралната философия през 18-ти век, за да изследва управлението на богатството на държавите, като „политически“ означава гръцката дума „политика“, а „икономика“ означава гръцката дума οἰκονομία (управление на домакинството). Най-ранните трудове по политическа икономия обикновено се приписват на британските учени Адам Смит, Томас Малтус и Дейвид Рикардо, въпреки че са предшествани от работата на френските физиократи, като Франсоа Кене (1694–1774) и Ан-Робер-Жак Тюрго (1727–1781). Има и традиция, която е почти толкова дълга, на критика на политическата икономия.
В края на 19 век терминът “икономика” постепенно започва да замества термина “политическа икономия” с възхода на математическото моделиране, съвпадащ с публикуването на влиятелен учебник от Алфред Маршал през 1890 г. По-рано Уилям Стенли Джевънс, привърженик на математическите методи, приложени към предмета, застъпиха икономиката за краткост и с надеждата терминът да стане „признато име на наука“. Показателите за измерване на цитати от Google Ngram Viewer показват, че използването на термина “икономика” започва да засенчва “политическата икономия” около 1910 г., превръщайки се в предпочитания термин за дисциплината през 1920 г. Днес терминът “икономика” обикновено се отнася до тясното изследване на икономиката липсват други политически и социални съображения, докато терминът “политическа икономия” представлява отделен и конкурентен подход.
На обикновен език „политическата икономия“ може просто да се отнася до съветите, дадени от икономисти на правителството или обществеността относно общата икономическа политика или относно конкретни икономически предложения, разработени от политолози.[6] Бързо разрастващата се мейнстрийм литература от 70-те години на миналия век се разшири отвъд модела на икономическа политика, в който планиращите максимизират полезността на представителен индивид, за да изследват как политическите сили влияят на избора на икономически политики, особено що се отнася до разпределителните конфликти и политическите институции.
Предлага се като самостоятелна област на обучение или се предлага по икономика или политически науки в някои институции, включително Харвардския университет, Принстънския университет, Лондонското училище по икономика, Станфордския университет, Чикагския университет и др.

Storytel continues to expand in Europe, South America and Asia September 2022

Since the end of 2018, the Swedish company Storytel, specialized in audio books, has promised to launch in at least four new markets during the year 2019. The countries concerned by these launches are Germany, Brazil, South Korea and Thailand.


Storytel versions are currently available in 16 countries: Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, India, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and United Arab Emirates.
If Thailand agrees to launch audiobooks for Swedish companies by the end of the year like Brazil, Germany and South Korea, Storytel will be integrated into twenty global markets as of 2022.

South Korea’s annual market size reaches 224 million euros

Please note that the Korean audio and e-book market now earns approximately US $ 250 million (EUR 224 million) annually. Therefore, since it was recently announced in a press release on May 24, 2019, Storytel has something to celebrate, and the report states that South Korea should sell its various audio books by the end of the year:

Storytel is pleased to announce its intention to launch services in South Korea by the end of 2019. Storytel is part of its efforts to provide customers with the best audio and e-book experience, the app will be available in Korean
Storytel has established a subsidiary in Seoul, South Korea, and is responsible for producing audiobooks for the Korean market. When the service comes online at the end of 2019, Storytel plans to provide thousands of original and authorized books in Korean in its global catalog, including about 270,000 audio titles and e-books. In the first year of operation, the focus will be on continuing to build a strong and competitive content library.

In addition, Korea has 48 million Internet users every day (accounting for 90% of the country’s population), and is likely to become one of the most prolific markets in Swedish publishing houses. Hootsuite We Are Social also pointed out in a recent survey that Koreans prefer to be equipped with smartphones rather than televisions (92% and 89%, respectively).

Difficult predictions in Germany and Brazil

As for Germany and Brazil, Storytel should be integrated into their market in the summer of 2019. It is hoped that this Swedish company will frustrate the mixed sales record of audiobooks in the Germanic field. In fact, according to GfK Entertainment, by the first quarter of 2019, sales of digital books (excluding school books and professional books) for the general public will decline by 7.1%.
Storytel must also share the Brazilian audiobook market with the Ubook company founded by Flavio Osso four years ago. According to the latest results reported by Reuters, Brazilian publishers publish 80% to 90% of audiobooks in the country, and have 6 million registered users and a catalog of 15,000 books. Like Storytel, Ubook has operations in multiple countries (a total of 18 countries), including Spain, Germany, and Mexico.

After Singapore and South Korea, Thailand attractions September 2022

The Storytel branch in Singapore began to provide services in April 2019. To better establish its position in Asia, Storytel recently opened an office in South Korea, located in Bangkok, Thailand. The installation of these new regions will allow publishers to better coordinate their expansion in Asia.
Given the recruitment activity on LinkedIn, it is not surprising that Thailand will soon launch the first titles offered by Swedish companies by the end of this year.